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Meet Limon

Your easy orgasm machine


"Limon is controlled by squeezing...I’ve found that this gesture is much more intuitive than any other vibrator I’ve used."

Bustle: Limon is the Vibrator for People Who Aren't Into Vibrators

"There are other products that are more well-known (including the Hitachi, and the infamous Rabbit), but the Limon surpasses them in quality and user experience." Lifehacker: Why the Limon is the Best Vibrator Around 

People often ask us, ‘Minna, you’re a group of engineers from Stanford, you could be developing quantum computers or self-driving cars – how’d you end up focused on vibrators?’

Here’s the thing: great sex– orgasms, connection, self-love–is one of the most complicated systems in our world. And it’s been routinely stigmatized, especially for women. This needs to change. We’ve studied what happens when we help others unlock their sexuality, and we know it leads to higher life fulfillment and greater self-esteem.

We interviewed hundreds of people with vaginas to understand their preferences so we could create an approachable vibrator with features to fit their needs and unlock sexuality for thousands, if not millions of others. And so: Meet Limon.