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The secret to great sex

A vibrator that anyone can use:
simple, discreet, and powerful.

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Minna means ‘everyone’

With that in mind, we built the perfect vibrator for anyone.

  • Ergonomic

    Dense tip to concentrate sensation on sensitive points.

  • Intuitive Design

    Just squeeze anywhere to vibrate:
    the harder you squeeze, the harder Limon vibrates.

  • Whisper Quiet

    Powerfully delivers without rising above the decibel level of a whisper (49dB).

  • Rumbly Vibration

    An intensely deep, circular motion-more effective for orgasming than buzzy vibes.

  • 100% Body-safe

    Medical-grade, phthathlate-free silicone.

  • Waterproof

    Soft, squishable body so you can use Limon in any position and setting.

  • Discrete

    Limon is the size of a lemon
    (and not shaped like a penis!).

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Getting Off Easy

Have you heard of the pleasure gap?

During sex, 95% of men orgasm while only about 30% of women do.

(No wonder they’re always in the mood)

Using a vibrator during sex significantly increases the chances that you both orgasm.

But if you’ve never used a vibrator before, how do you know which one will be the best for you?

Luckily, we’ve built a vibrator that anyone can use: the inexperienced, the bold, the unsure, the married couples, and the single ladies.

Meet Limon: simple, safe, and discreet so it’s easy for you to use in any position and place.

Cheers to more, better sex.