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10 Sexy TV Shows You Should Stream At Home Now

classic film couple kissing

10 Sexy TV Shows You Should Stream At Home Now

Some of the best advice we've heard in relation to finding erotic pleasure during this period of lockdown came from Esther Perel

"You won't necessarily be filled with desire in this time. But there might be certain openness, willingness to connect to pleasure. Have curiosity about where an imaginative thought or spark of inspiration will take you." 

She went on to explain that using all the senses at your disposal can open up your erotic world so far beyond the confines of your home - what are the things you can smell, touch, hear, see that turn you on? 

Based on shows you've watched and loved in the past, here are some recommendations of steamy, stream-able TV shows that just might peak the interest of your eyes and ears. 


If you liked Girls, Master of None, Atlanta...

Watch: Insecure (HBO) 

Extremely relatable, funny, and chock-full of sexual tension and straight-up sex scenes. 

If you liked The O.C, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl...

Watch: You (Netflix) 

Dark obsession, problematic definitions of love, and murder makes for a complicated-ly sexy watch. 

If you liked Sex Education, Fleabag, Russian Doll...

Watch: Crashing (Netflix) 

Six 20-somethings live together with cheap in a repurposed hospital, chaos with plenty of hot (and humorous) sexual encounters ensues. 

If you liked The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Charmed...

Watch: True Blood (HBO) 

There's psychological science that backs up why so many women are turned on by vampires and while we may be past their pop culture heyday, True Blood will always be a classic. 

If you liked Crazy Ex Girlfriend, This is Us, Grey's Anatomy...

Watch: Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

Despite it's name, this show features plenty of steamy scenes around a decadent tele-novella plot in which a 23-year-old woman finds herself pregnant despite never having sex. 

If you liked Transparent, Hung, Divorce...

Watch: Mrs. Fletcher (HBO)

A recently divorced woman adopts a new persona, exploring a new era of her sexuality headfirst when her son leaves home for college. 

If you liked Modern Love, High Maintenance, Lovesick...

Watch: Easy (Netflix) 

A comedy anthology that follows the love life of a diverse array of Chicago-based characters in a variety of scenarios about love and sex. 

If you liked How to Get Away with Murder, Big Little Lies...

Watch: She's Gotta Have It (Netflix) 

A Brooklyn-based artist balances her friendships, her dreams, her job, and all three of her lovers, representing three different aspects of masculinity and three parts of what she needs. 

If you liked Itaewon Class, The Mindy Project, Succession... 

Watch: What's Wrong With Secretary Kim (Rakuten Viki, Free) 

This Korean drama revolves around an ambitious major corporation executive and his highly competent secretary who fall into a more complex relationship after she announces her departure. 

If you Love Is Blind, The Bachelor...

Watch: Love Island UK (Hulu) 

We'd be remiss to exclude the junk food reality TV that is Love Island, which features an infinite supply of bikinis, British slang you didn't know you needed to know, and lots of sex.