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36 sex questions that you'll love asking your partner

36 sex questions that you'll love asking your partner

36 sex questions that you'll love asking your partner

The 36 (intimate, dirty, revealing) sex questions you should be asking your partner

A conversation about your sex life can be hard or awkward to have with your partner. But it's also vital to communicate preferences and desires with any partner, and likely essential to do it regularly. 

These questions aren't precisely truth-or-dare style questions, so not relevant for a first date, but they are the questions you should be asking any long-term partner.

We've created an entire printable list of 36 questions that span three categories of questions. Those questions can be found here. The link to a pdf printable version of the questions is at the bottom of the page.

We suggest you dive into these questions when you have a long period of quiet time with your partner (don't do this in a public place). You should aim to go through the whole list in one sitting with an open mind. Unveiling secret desires to each other will leave you both in a vulnerable position, so you must be considerate of your reactions.


We start with questions that cover personal sexual experience and preferences. Many of these questions focus on your relationship with your partner, with questions about favorite sex positions, foreplay, and when they think they have their best sex with you.

Example questions:

What sex toys are you interested in, but nervous about trying?

What part of your body are you most proud of? What's your favorite part of my body?

What's been your favorite moment from our sex life?

What do you like to do during foreplay?

What's your favorite position?

What lingerie do you wear when you want to feel sexy?


This is where you can get into sexual fantasies, dirty talk, and dive into the naughtiest highlights from your sex life and craziest things you've tried. Here you'll talk about your experience with or desire to experience role play, BDSM, threesomes, and anal sex. (And here about it from your partner!)

Example questions:

What gets you in the mood the most?

How do you masturbate?

What are three words that describe your favorite kind of sex?

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want to have sex with?

If you could only tell a partner one thing about what you want during sex, what would it be?

Share something you were once afraid of trying, but ended up loving.


Here you'll find some would you rather-style questions, and you'll have some time to contemplate your future sex life as a couple. Do you think your sex drive will be affected as you age? How important is it to you that you maintain a vibrant sex life? 

Example questions:

What's something you've fantasized about but never tried?

What role do you want sex to play in your future?

Share an embarrassing sexual moment or thought (or one that you think is embarrassing).

When do you feel sexiest? When do you find me to be sexiest?

Anything you'd regret not trying? What are our sexual strengths and weaknesses as a pair?


So, visit here for our full list of "36 Questions for Deeper Sexual Intimacy." 


Note: This version of our 36 questions does not dive into open relationship specific-questions, and we're sorry for excluding that relationship style from of this exercise. We also don't have any questions explicitly focused on polyamorous relationships, though we think these questions could be shared between three people as easily as two.