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Minna Life: Vibrators to help you get off easy

Minna Life: Vibrators to help you get off easy

Minna Life: Vibrators to help you get off easy

Have you heard of the pleasure gap?

During sex, 95% of men orgasm while only about 30% of women do. (No wonder they’re always in the mood)

Using a vibrator during sex significantly increases the chances that you both orgasm.

But if you’ve never used a sex toy before, how do you know which one will be the best for you?

Luckily, Minna builds vibrators that anyone can use: the inexperienced, the bold, the unsure, the married couples, and the single ladies.

Meet Minna Limon: simple, safe, and discreet, so it’s easy for you to use in any position and place.

An external clitoral vibrator–optimized to be both a powerful solo toy and a couples vibrator.

Meet Minna Ola: versatile, powerful, and your new best friend.

Both a clitoris and a g-spot vibrator, this one-stop-shop sex toy hits all the spots so you can have all the orgasms.

Don't know which Minna vibrator you'd prefer? Don't worry. 

Both Ola and Limon have all the key features any woman needs for a satisfying orgasm:

All Minna vibrators have squeeze-control, which means you don't have to fumble around with buttons to control how powerfully (or sensitive) your vibe.

They're also all rechargeable using any basic USB charger and made with phthalate-free medical-grade silicone. Convenient and high-quality is a rare combination, but Minna vibrators hit it well. Our smooth, body-safe silicone makes it incredibly comfortable to use (again and again) and simple to clean with plain soap.

Minna's squeezable products come with a smart memory ability that allows you to set your own vibration patterns so when you find that perfect touch, it'll playback for you. You can even save your own pattern so you can enjoy it again and again.

Our vibrator's motor has deep and rumbly powerful vibrations, which are more suitable for achieving strong orgasms than buzzy vibes.

Want to use a Minna vibrator in the shower? Or the bathtub? Go right ahead. We're waterproof and fully submersible. Enjoy us anywhere.

We have a one-year warranty on all Minna vibrators because we stand by our products.

Minna's mission is that every woman owns a vibrator since increasing sexual satisfaction can increase overall happiness in one's life and fulfillment in one's relationship. And since every woman is different, Minna's products are adaptable to any experience level (from beginner to expert). 

When Minna was first created in San Francisco, we dreamed of making it easier for women to realize the power of a great sex life using high-quality materials and intelligent design. We're so happy with how our vibrators have turned out and are overjoyed by every satisfied customer who writes us. 

Oh, and free shipping in the United States. That's always a positive. 

Cheers to more, better sex.