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How to Use

  • To turn on the Limon, press the round button - the power light will illuminate and the motor will pulse. The number of pulses indicates the battery level (three for full, two for medium, and one for low battery). If it pulses only once or not at all, it’s time to recharge.

    To turn it off, hold down the button until it pulses and the lights turn off.

    The Limon has three modes:

    When you turn it on, it is in Free Play mode. To make it vibrate, simply squeeze the soft sides - the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. In Free Play mode, when you’re not squeezing, Limon is not vibrating and only the main power light will be on.

    Record mode allows you to capture and replay personalized patterns, while Lock mode lets you lock in a favorite pattern you've recorded. It will continue playing that pattern over and over until you exit Lock mode, returning back to Free Play mode.
  • Limon lets you compose and replay customizable vibration patterns, making your experience unique and attuned to your preferences.

    To begin recording once you've already turned on the Limon, press the button once and the record mode light will light up (it looks like a circular arrow). Limon will automatically record the vibration pattern from any sequence of squeezes you make. Just stop squeezing when you’re done and after a short pause, the Limon will automatically begin to play back the pattern.

    To make a brand new pattern, just start squeezing again and the Limon will automatically start rerecording any time you start squeezing. Heads up - Limon only remembers one pattern at a time so if you start recording a new pattern, you will lose your previous one (although it’s easy to recreate). It’s also easy to lock in a favorite pattern that you’ve recorded. To enter Lock mode from Record mode, just press the button once and the lock mode light (the lock symbol) will light up. Now, it'll continue repeating your pattern over and over until you exit Lock mode, regardless of squeezes.

    To exit Lock mode and return to Free Play mode, simply press the button once more.
  • Creating a continuous vibration (versus a pattern that pulses or otherwise varies in intensity) is simple with Record mode - just squeeze the Limon at an even grip for a few seconds while in Record mode and then press the button once more to lock the "pattern" into place.
  • Because it's incredibly frustrating to wait, your Limon will come already charged. When it needs to be recharged, plug the charge cable into any USB device and then place the Limon into the charging dock.

    There are magnets in Limon and the dock to ensure that everything is correctly oriented but you'll want to rotate Limon until it clicks to ensure its in place. You'll see that its light pulses during charging and stays on once charging is complete.
  • The Limon is relatively small and entirely silicone, making it easy to clean - simply use a mild, unscented soap and water, or disinfecting wipes. Avoid any harsh chemicals and alcohols that you wouldn't put on your own body.
  • Thanks for asking! Like most other things, vibrators go through a full life cycle. However, it's still a bit confusing to figure out the best way to send your Limon into a happy retirement that doesn't involve land fills, especially since there are different options across different municipalities. Start by contacting a local sex toy retailer to see if they have any recommendations for local programs. Otherwise, you can email or call your local e-waste disposal center to ask what can be done - if you feel awkward asking, telling them so might help clear the air!

    The more we can all talk about the end-of-life of vibrators, the more we can all talk about vibrators in general.

Purchasing & Shipping

  • We accept PayPal and Google Pay, as well as most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.
  • We ship both domestic (U.S) and International; domestic ground shipments are free, while International shipments may have varying taxes and customs fees (you might get a notification from your local post office if you need to pay first).
  • Oops! Contact support@minnalife.com as soon as possible and we'll do what we can to get things sorted out.
  • Orders will arrive in a secure brown box - the same that you could expect with any household item delivery from Amazon. The Sender will be labeled as Minna Inc., and there won't be anything printed on the box suggesting that there's a vibrator inside.

    To keep you in the know, we send email updates at the points of shipment, out for delivery, and delivered so we can be sure you're securely united with your Limon!
  • We offer express shipping and regular USPS ground. Free US Ground shipments can take up to 2 weeks, depending on your location, with express shipping options between 1-5 business days. You can track the location of your shipment via the confirmation email you will have received after your order goes through.
  • If it's been over 2 weeks and your shipment hasn't shown up, first check the tracking status from your confirmation email (click the blue "View your order" button). From there, you can get into further details by clicking the USPS tracking number. If that doesn't clear up your shipment's whereabouts, contact us at support@minnalife.com.
  • Click the blue "View your order" button within your confirmation email - the USPS tracking number can be located beneath the map in the first panel.
  • Since the Limon is such a personal product all sales are final.

    There's a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which applies only if your Limon is defective, due to materials or workmanship. The warranty doesn't cover cosmetic deterioration caused by wear and tear, loss or damage to batteries, damage caused by accident, or misuse or use other than as intended and described in the product instruction manual.
  • Contact us at support@minnalife.com with a detailed description of the issue, including photos and/or video demonstrating the defect.

Common Questions

  • The majority of premium vibrators will run at least $100, which seems expensive and isn't within range for many people. That being said, the price tag comes with a good reason!

    In developing the Limon, we placed quality over everything when it comes to materials and functionality. We use only high quality medical safe silicone and batteries that won't overheat (and catch on fire!) and are re-chargable, for your convenience. Additionally, we have special pressure sensors for the squeeze-control function to work as well as it does.

    What do you get from all of this? No rashes or surprise battery fires (woo-hoo!), a vibrator that you can drop or bring on a trip with a significantly lower chance of breaking than alternatives, and an overall better vibe experience.
  • The Limon is made with 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI medical grade silicone.

    (what does that mean —> link to article)
  • The Limon is 100% waterproof (fully submersible). That being said, don't put your Limon in the dishwasher or clothing washer due to the extreme heat, and be sure to dry it off before you place it back on the charging dock.
  • Yes! In fact, using lubricant with any vibrator tends to make the experience extra special. Silicone toys are best used with water-based lubricants, or oil-based (though that's a bit harder to wash off). Coconut oil is totally fine, but again - may take a bit more work to clean off.

    Avoid any and all silicone-based lubricants, as silicone bonds with itself, potentially damaging the Limon.
  • First, some no-no's:
    • placing it in a dishwasher, hot tub, or any other place with extreme heat or chemicals
    • using it while damaged
    • charging it while wet or getting water in/near the charger

    Some do's:

    • clean it after every use (especially if you use lubricant)
    • store it in a clean, room temperature place
    • optimize battery life by removing it from the charger when fully charged

    -beware of dogs who are really into chewing cute squishy things
  • Not to worry - this is totally normal in cases of a change in pressure (ex: plane travel), as it can affect Limon's squeeze pillow. To re-inflate, simply use a ballpoint pen or the sharp corner of your charger USB to press the travel vent (the small hole at the Limon's base).

    Be sure you aren't squeezing while you re-inflate, so that it can fully expand. See video
  • Yep! The Limon is very portable and doesn't look like a typical sex toy, making it significantly less conspicuous to TSA. According to a TSA spokesperson, "travelers can bring their adult sex toys in either their checked or carry-on bags."

    For safe travels, store your Limon in a smaller bag (it will come shipped to you with a small pouch) and keep it tucked in a soft place where it won't get squashed by a heavy object.

    If you're feeling antsy about bringing your vibrator through airport security, we recommend checking out [Bustle's handy guide](https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-get-your-sex-toys-through-airport-security-smoothly-because-you-deserve-a-fun-vacation-60898) for some advice and peace of mind.
  • We know privacy matters when getting you're getting down with yourself or a partner, so we made a very quiet vibrator. Take it from our friends at Lioness, who measured sound levels across a variety of vibrators, including the Limon:

    "Even being right next to this vibrator while running on maximum vibration, it’s hard to hear the noise! I was actually quite surprised how extra quiet it was. So of course, when I closed the door, it was basically silent."