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20 Low-Stress Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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20 Low-Stress Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a lot of pressure. The pressure to reserve a spot at the perfect restaurant, pressure to express exactly how you feel about someone, pressure to have crazy-amazing sex, pressure to be clever and thoughtful, pressure to surprise (but not too much) and delight (to the maximum degree).  

Honestly, these pressures are mostly manufactured and consumer-driven. They also don't actually help us in making memories or reconnecting with the ones we love. You couldn't accomplish those things in just one day, anyways. So, why not go back to basics and make the goal of the day to simply enjoy each other's company, doing things you both genuinely want to do? 

We've pulled together some ideas for keeping things low key this Valentine's Day, in case you want to do something but not too much of a something: 

Stay home

Cook an elaborate meal 
DIY mani-pedis 
Bake something (and decorate!)
Have a movie night with fancy popcorn

Think beyond dinner 

Order a bunch of fancy desserts and share   
Get breakfast at a greasy spoon diner 
Curate your own neighborhood pub crawl 
Play pool at a local dive bar 
Find a spot for $1 oysters (they're an aphrodisiac!) 

Woo-woo for two

Book a couple's crystal healing session

Good old fashioned fun 

Hit up a roller skating rink 
Go bowling  
Have some healthy competition at an arcade 

Be productive

Run errands together
Make a bucket list of things you'd like to do together
Plan out your finances (getting organized can be sexy!) 

Make a whole day of it 

Write out your dream days in the morning - and then do it 
Hole up in a hotel & eat takeout in bed