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Deeper Sexual Intimacy Starts With Curiosity & Conversation

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Deeper Sexual Intimacy Starts With Curiosity & Conversation

Curiosity, as a human trait, has been linked to feeling generally more connected to our experiences with the world around us - including the interpersonal relationships we keep and grow. 

Social scientist, Todd Kashdan, has found that "being interested is more important in cultivating and maintaining a relationship than being interesting; that's what gets the dialogue going. It's the secret juice of relationships." 

When you demonstrate curiosity and actively ask questions of someone, it opens up a door for them to comfortably disclose more about themselves and then in return, ask increasingly deeper questions of you. "It sets up a spiral of give and take, which fosters intimacy." 

A study from Zava, about communication in the bedroom, has indicated that the rewards of give-and-take exchanges apply to increased sexual intimacy as well. Regardless of gender or nationality, their study participants demonstrated a positive link between sexual satisfaction and their partners' communication skills. 

Whether you're a master communicator when it comes to all things sex or you honestly have no idea where to even start, we want to help take some of the pressure off of your conversations about sex, ideally making it a bit more fun as well!    

So: we've created a set of increasingly personal questions that can help in guiding you and your partner into a give-and-take spiral of deeper sexual intimacy. Bookmark it, or dive in right away. 

36 questions for deeper sexual intimacy