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The Hitachi Magic Wand and how it compares to Minna's Limon

The Hitachi Magic Wand and how it compares to Minna's Limon

The Hitachi Magic Wand and how it compares to Minna's Limon

The History of the Hitachi Magic Wand, the bestselling 'Cadillac of vibrators'

The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most popular vibrators of all time. It's gigantic, plugged into a wall, and originally designed to be a sore muscle massager that could beat out knots from necks and backs. It can pound away at a spot, that's for sure. 

The Magic Wand is likely the sex toy that often gets most used as a gag prop as a clunky, old-fashioned embarrassing vibrator. It's the vibrator Samantha tries to return to Sharper Image in an episode of Sex and the City, proudly arguing with the salesclerk that it's a vibrator, not a personal massager. After that episode aired, the Magic Wand was completely sold out throughout America. 

However, it's earned the nickname as 'the Cadillac of vibrators' because (while clunky and large) it's dependable, high-quality, and powerful. The Magic Wand was manufactured in 1968 with the intent that it could serve as an electric massager for sore muscles by the Japanese company, Hitachi. Some smart woman somewhere must've figured out where she needed a massage and the rest is history. 

The Hitachi magic wand massager first became a bestseller and earned its place as one of the most iconic and best vibrators of all time after sex educator Betty Dodson began advocating for them to women in her famous masturbation classes, the Bodysex Workshops. Since then, the magic wand massager has unlocked personal discovery and sexuality for millions (really!) of American women.

Nowadays, the classic Hitachi Magic Wand massager is hard to find. The Japanese company had always been uncomfortable being seen as a manufacturer of sex toys and in 2014 they announced that they had decided to cease production on the magic wand.

Vibratex, a partner of the Japanese company for distribution knew that the vibrator was too good to stop producing and they convinced Hitachi to change some elements–including cutting out any mention of 'Hitachi' in branding–so that women could keep getting those Cadillac rides. Thus the renamed, 'original magic wand' was born (reincarnated? reborn?). But most people still call it the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Hitachi Wand is iconic, but is it the best? We dissect some pros and cons for you

The newest version–the original magic wand–comes in a rechargeable version that is almost double the price ($124) than the plugged-in Hitachi wand. There are several magic wand attachments that one can purchase to replace the standard head–like a 'pin-point' massager. We'll let you use your imagination.

Now, not everyone loves the magic wand. For one thing, It has two-speed settings so one can ramp up the intensity, though it's been said that it can feel like, 'you might vibrate your clit off.' One can buy an add-on 'dial' to more carefully ramp-up the magic wand's intensity but Amazon reviews have said it's, "designed for power tools, and works poorly with the vibrator."

Another issue–knockoffs. People buying the bestselling vibrator from Amazon or eBay might run into counterfeit magic wands. The original magic wand's website has a detailed guide for how you can identify a counterfeit or knock-off magic wand.

Let's compare the Hitachi wand to the Minna Limon!

You know what blog you're reading. We have to do a quick comparison here. The Minna Limon is – first of all – about the size and shape of a regular lemon. It strikes a quite different profile than the bulbous, phallic Hitachi wand. 

They both are made from body-safe material provided you haven't accidentally bought a knock-off Hitachi wand which likely will be made from cheaper plastic that could include phthalates.

The Limon is remarkably quiet. Its sound levels are around 49 decibels while the Limon is at its top vibration. You could be using it in the same room as someone else without them knowing it (don't do that). To compare, the Hitachi wand is around 63 decibels–if you live with roommates, you might also have to blast some music in your room to make sure everyone in the house doesn't know what you're up to in your room.

There's no plug needed while the Limon is in action–the classic version of the Hitachi requires it to be plugged into the wall. Nothing puts us in the mood less than searching for an extension cord. For the magic wand rechargeable version, it takes about three hours for a full charge. The Limon gets a full charge in about an hour.

There are wand attachments available for the magic wand so users can experience specific sensations and textures. To compare, the Limon's body has textural variation at strategic points so that one can vary its intensity as needed. Such as the tip of the Limon–it's denser than the sides and pointed so that it can be used to drive in sensation where it matters for you.

They both provide powerful vibrations. Don't be fooled by the Limon's cuteness–that little lemon packs a punch. You'll feel a deep, strong, circular, rumbly vibration when you use it. The Hitachi–well, it's strong. So strong one has to let it 'cool down' for at least 25 minutes after 25 minutes of use. That's...kind of scary. There isn't a 'low setting' when it comes to the Hitachi. Even at its lowest–it's a pretty powerful vibration. If you want to read more about clitoral sensitivity and wand vibrators–check out our article here on "Can you be addicted to a vibrator or dependent on sex toys?"

The Limon has no buttons or speed controller dials. It responds by squeezing. The harder you squeeze, the harder it vibrates for you. The Hitachi wand has dial controlled settings you'll have to adjust if you want to change its sensation.  

And our last bit of positivity–the Limon comes with a one-year warranty so you can rest assured that you'll be satisfied for a long time.