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Our Top Picks for Sex Toy Storage

Our Top Picks for Sex Toy Storage

Our Top Picks for Sex Toy Storage

Sex toys are great – you should be proud to own them. In (our) ideal world, you'd have your adult toys sitting out right on your bedside table, easily accessible should the mood arise.

However, displaying one's weapon of choice is not always possible. Whether it's a family member's prying eye, a roommate who you don't vibe with, or you just subscribe to Marie Kondo's anti-clutter on counter manifesto–a sex toy storage system can serve you well to make sure your toys are kept safe and orderly in a discreet place.

Before we begin–remember to keep in mind when determining where to stash your sex toys that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. You don't want to just throw them in some drawer where they might come in contact with any old thing. And, most of all, always use a toy cleaner to keep things hygienic before putting your toys back into their storage box.

So, what's on our wish list of storage solutions for our toy collection? Let's dive in:

At the top of our list for toy chests is this Moi Box Deluxe–with a fabric net for small items, a combination lock to keep nosy people out, and small enough to fit into a bedside table drawer. We also love that it makes lube storage easy.

An adorable option is this pink-glitter combination lock storage box, we're getting some major Caboodles vibes from it.

If you're a loyal customer of one vibe only and not too worried about being discreet, this would be our storage bag of choice–Blush Novelties' antibacterial toy bag will keep your toy clean and covered.

Next on our list is this JoyBoxx option–it's not our favorite as it seems too easy for the vibrators and butt plugs to get jumbled in there. However, it does have a little secret hole in it for USB charging which is nifty.

And, for a dream scenario, we would be remiss if we didn't show you Lelo's sex toy storage box that includes all of their products. Drooling.