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Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

Between all the various side effects that come with being pregnant from nausea to back pain, it's understandable and perfectly normal that getting off might be the last thing on your mind. 

For many women, however, the of the surge of hormones during pregnancy could have you craving sex and masturbation more than usual - and it could be that much more pleasurable when you do it, given the additional genital sensitivity and natural lubrication. 

First off - is it safe to masturbate when you're pregnant? 

Unless you’ve been told that you have a high risk pregnancy or have concerns around premature labor, masturbating is a beneficial and safe practice to keep up through a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant or not, it's a great way to relieve stress, keep your immune system up, and do something for yourself! You might also be struggling to find comfortable sex positions with a partner, which is where masturbation or having your partner use a vibrator on your body can come in handy. 

The important thing is knowing how to modify your usual masturbation habits in a way that makes it most comfortable for you. As a general statement, you should stop as soon as anything becomes uncomfortable and if you experience any warning signs like bleeding or unusual pain, you should let your health care provider know. 

General tips on using sex toys / vibrators while pregnant 

Sex toys should be cleaned after every use, but especially when you're at high risk of infection. Keep them clean by storing them properly, away from other miscellaneous items and in a designated satchel, box, etc.  

Keep in mind the pregnant women are particularly prone to hemorrhoids, which would make any insertion or friction from sex toys around the anus painful.  

If you're using lubricants, oils, or lotions for masturbation or sex, watch out for scents or flavoring, as well as advertised "cooling" or "warming" effects. These can rely on heavy duty chemicals that could result in vaginal infection or irritation of ultra-sensitive vaginal tissue.  

Double check that your toy is truly body-safe. Since the sex toy industry isn't FDA regulated, there are brands out there that will slap the buzz term "body-safe" onto their label. Understand what the term actually means and look specifically for the term "phthalate free". 

What kinds of toys are recommended to use while pregnant? 

It's best to err on the side of lower intensity toys (in terms of vibration intensity and size) while pregnant, because of the increased sensitivity around your genitals. Think along the lines of egg vibrators or other clitoral toys

If you choose a toy that inserts inside of you, like a g-spot vibrator or a dildo, it shouldn't be a problem (especially since penetrative sex is still safe and encouraged throughout pregnancy), but extra large toys that are intended to hit the c-spot - your cervix - could be painful. 

Remember that in this case, pain doesn't necessarily equal endangerment of the baby - the mucous plug in your cervix keeps your uterus sealed off, beyond which is the baby, so breaking through is unlikely. 

If you're nervous about getting anywhere close to your genital region, especially in the third trimester, you can always explore eroticism in other ways whether it's using a vibrator on another erogenous zone, using a vibrator on your partner, or receiving an erotic massage. 

Is orgasm safe while pregnant? 

If you've in the third trimester of your pregnancy and have been told that you're at high risk for a premature delivery, orgasm could increase chances of going into labor since it causes the muscles in your uterus to contract. 

For women who are not in the high-risk category for early labor, orgasms both from sex and masturbation are safe. 

With all of this information, make decisions based on your own body and how you feel. Stop if any pain arises, but don't panic. If you feel comfortable talking about masturbating while pregnant with your ob-gyn / health care provider, they will always be the best resource and are well versed in having these kinds of conversations. No shame in the vibrator use game!