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Replacement USB charger for Limon.

Limon intensifies its vibration as you squeeze it.

Discreet and intuitive, this external vibrator is fantastic for solo use, couples, beginners, and any experience level.

100% phthalate-free, body-safe, Class VI medical-grade silicone and designed by Stanford engineers.

Extraordinarily quiet and deeply powerful, this lemon-shaped (and sized) vibrator delivers a strong, rumbly vibration.

"To start off my first day, I whipped out my trusty Minna Limon. My Limon has been there for me through many a drought and dry spell and has never let me down except when he's run out of power. I came within a few minutes because Limon is excellent as his job. If he were my employee, I'd give him a raise."

-Rachel Khona, Shape Magazine: "What I Learned from Masturbating Every Damn Day for a Month"