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Limon is great for solo use, couples, beginners, and any experience level. Incredibly intuitive, Limon intensifies its vibration as you squeeze it. Discreet and beautifully designed–it can sit out on one's nightstand with no questions asked.

Extraordinarily quiet and deeply powerful, this lemon-shaped (and sized) vibrator delivers a strong, rumbly vibration.

100% phthalate-free, body-safe, Class VI medical-grade silicone and designed by Stanford engineers.

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The Limon not only works for me but it works with me. During use it truly does become an extension of my body, as I intuitively squish and squeeze my way to the perfect orgasm. When it comes to the climax all I have to do is squeeze harder or release to get the seamless, unspoiled climax that I oh so crave. It’s ecstasy. -Emmeline Peaches