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Science explains: What do men really think about vibrators?

Science explains: What do men really think about vibrators?

Science explains: What do men really think about vibrators?

Introducing a sex toy into your sex life with your significant other should be a thrilling event. And also a totally normal event, as more than half of adult men and women report having used a vibrator in the bedroom. Still unsure? A recent scientific study by sex therapist Dr. Debra Herbenick found that 10% of American men polled had used a vibrator in the past month. 

We've written an entire guide on the right way to bring a vibrator into your relationship. We've also tackled why you should be using a vibrator with your partner.  Vibrator use will make you far more more likely to orgasm, be a massive turn on for him, and thus heighten the sexual experience for you both.

But if you're in a heterosexual relationship and are bringing up the topic for the first time, you might be wondering how your partner will respond. Or if you might be single but feeling nervous about whipping out your magic wand during one-night stands. Although we're can't tell you precisely how they'll respond, we can give you insight as to male perspectives on vibrators and sex toys based on new studies along with our research and experience. 

tl;dr? You'll both have better sex, higher sexual desire, and it'll be a massive turn on for him (and you!).

Why men love to use vibrators

We love men who love vibrators. We hope you do too. Vibrators aren't a replacement for male members in the bedroom, they're a wonderful addition to make sure the woman partner gets enough clitoral stimulation so that she can reach orgasm as well. See, there's something called the 'orgasm gap,' which is very real and very unfair. The orgasm gap tells us that while around 95% of heterosexual men orgasm during sex, only about 65% of heterosexual women get off. 

We know clitoral stimulation is crucial for women to orgasm. What we don't talk about often enough is how hard it can be to fiddle with the button while having sex. Vibrator use helps immensely, allowing both to focus on their own pleasure and not feel like they're playing Twister with their bodies (or Bop-It?).

Why men should own vibrators for themselves

First, there are many ways a man can use a vibrator on their own body

Beyond that, owning a vibrator if you're a bachelor is a wonderful way to show that you care about your sexual partner's experience. Just please make sure you wash it after each and every use, okay?

A recent study found four positive results when tracking men who consistently used a vibrator during sex with their partner. First, it increased their own pleasure and heightened their awareness of their partner's pleasure. Respondents also reported increased novelty and variety–we have an adage at our company that: 'good sex leads to more sex.' That adage is reflected in the results of this study. Finally, respondents said they felt more intimate with their sexual partners than before they started using a vibrator. 

The Limon (yes, we're biased) is the perfect choice of vibrator for penetrative sex. Don't just take our word for it. It's unique lemon-shape and soft, squeezable texture makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation. Also there's no fumbling with buttons as you just squeeze to increase the intensity. 

At the end of the day, if you find yourself dating someone partner who closes themselves off when you ask if they want to try something new in the bedroom, maybe you should consider that you haven't found the real thing yet. Sexual health is just as important as physical and mental health, and you deserve a partner who values your pleasure as much as their own.