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The best clitoral vibrators for you and your boo

The best clitoral vibrators for you and your boo

The best clitoral vibrators for you and your boo

What's a clitoral vibrator? How is it different from other vibrators? 

A clitoral vibrator is a vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. You can usually tell if it's a clitoral stimulator or g-spot vibrator based on the design of the sex toy. G-spot vibrators are often phallic so that they can reach a vagina's internal g-spot whereas clitoral vibrators can be a wide variety of shapes, some very discreet: wand-shaped like the Hitachi magic wand massager, disc-like like Unbound's Bean, a bullet vibrator, or shaped like a lemon (hint)!

Of course, there are also those infamous for conquering both g-spot stimulation and the clitoris at the same time, such as the iconic Rabbit vibrator featured on Sex and the City. 

And remember, when looking for a clitoral vibrator, make sure it's made of body-safe, soft silicone. Hard plastic parts aren't going to feel good against that bundle of nerves!

Still got questions about the clitoris? Check out our guide to clitoral stimulation

Clit vibes for couples–best sellers and high-tech options

Clit vibrators are extremely handy partners for couples in the bedroom. They make it much more likely that a woman will orgasm, increasing enjoyment overall for everyone involved. We've written a lot in the past about how to use a vibrator during sex with a partner and how it can change a relationship (for the better!). Some companies have capitalized on this by creating sex toys designed to be used during sex. 

One of the most popular and well-known couples-focused vibrators is We-Vibe's Sync. Its radical design allows the woman to wear it during sex to focus on both the g-spot and the clitoris. 

If you and your partner are into some power play, you can try remote control vibrators – put it in before heading off to an otherwise boring dinner party and see where the night goes.

JimmyJane Form is a palm-sized vibrator that is designed to make it as simple as possible for one's partner to use it on them during penetration (whether physical or strap-on). 

The Satisfyer Pro is a nifty, high-tech gadget that uses air to suction to the clitoris at the right spot to act as an oral sex simulator–it tries to feel like a flickering tongue (reviews are mixed, however).

The Eva vibrator by Dame is a hands-free clitoral vibrator, its small wings fit under one's labia to stay snug against the clitoris.

Our favorite vibrator of all, our very own Limon, is whisper-quiet, intuitive, and responsive–perfect for pleasuring each other. It's a USB rechargeable vibrator, waterproof, 100% body-safe soft silicone. There are no buttons to fumble with, as it responds to your squeeze–increasing its intensity the harder you (or your partner) squeeze it.