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Minna was founded in 2009 by a group of Stanford Engineers and Product Designers who had a shared restlessness around the lack of approachable, well-made, and responsive vibrators on the market.

Banding together, they used their expertise to develop the most intuitive vibrator out there: the first with squeeze-controlled intensity, customizable patterns of vibration, and Rumble Motor Technology.
Our History

2009: Minna founded
2009-2011: Lots of prototyping & testing
2013: Limon launches after a successful campaign on IndieGoGo
2017: The Limon model is licensed to Unbound under the name “Squish”
2019: New Limon site and colors launched
We believe that exploring sexuality is fundamental to a holistically happy life.

We exist to improve the way individuals and couples experience pleasure, fun, and intimacy by offering an accessible vibrator that works with you, not on you.