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People often ask us, ‘Minna, you’re a group of engineers from Stanford, you could be developing quantum computers or self-driving cars – how’d you end up focused on vibrators?'

Here’s the thing: great sex– orgasms, connection, self-love–is one of the most complicated systems in our world. And it’s been routinely stigmatized, especially for women. This needs to change.

We’ve studied what happens when we help others unlock their sexuality, and we know it leads to higher life fulfillment and greater self-esteem. We interviewed hundreds of people with vaginas to understand their preferences so we could create an approachable vibrator with features to fit their needs and unlock sexuality for thousands, if not millions of others.
And so, meet:


Intuitive Design
No awkward buttons

Just squeeze anywhere to vibrate: the harder you squeeze, the harder Limon vibrates.

Dense tip lets you concentrate sensation on sensitive points.

Soft, squishable body so you can use Limon in any position.

Powerfully delivers without rising above the decibel level of a whisper (49dB).

More fun than a rubber ducky at bathtime.

100% body-safe
Medical-grade, phthathlate-free silicone.

Limon is the size of a lemon (and not shaped like a penis!).

We give all customers a one-year warranty because we stand by our products.

Vibrates in an intensely deep and circular motion – more effective for orgasming than buzzy vibes.

Simply charges via USB and lasts for one hour.