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The Best Waterproof Vibrators for Fun in the Shower, Bath (Or Hot Tub!)

The Best Waterproof Vibrators for Fun in the Shower, Bath (Or Hot Tub!)

The Best Waterproof Vibrators for Fun in the Shower, Bath (Or Hot Tub!)

One of our favorite ways to relax is a nice, long bath. With a waterproof vibrator. And we're not alone in that–research shows that the hormone prolactin released after orgasm can boost relaxation and sleep and some studies have recorded that about half of women masturbate to relax. 

SELF magazine interviewed sex therapist Kelley Kitely, L.C.S.W., “It’s great to do right before bed, in the bath, or during other relaxing nighttime rituals...It naturally just puts people in a meditative state."

It's also been found that one of the first times a woman masturbates is in the bath or shower, usually without planning or awareness but a natural reaction due to the clitoral stimulation from the sensation of the warm water from a showerhead or spigot. The sensation is similar to oral sex. 

We rate our top five best waterproof vibrators and sex toys for solo use and couples' play

The Minna Limon

Our research has shown us that around 20-30% of women enjoy a vibrator in the bath or shower. We're not ones to disappoint, so we've built our best seller Limon to be waterproof and bathtime ready.

It's discreet enough to look like some bathing routine gadget if you accidentally forget it in the bathroom after your bliss out. It's a powerful clitoral stimulator that is quiet enough you can use it in a shared bathroom without any passing housemates having a clue. It's multi-speed and all you have to do is squeeze it harder to increase the intensity, no buttons to fumble with under all those bubbles. You can even set it to record a vibration pattern and continually play that vibration pattern back for you. This can be very useful if you're looking to go hands-free.

Best of all, it's great for couples' play. Nothing beats an early-morning shower quickie with your partner, except an early-morning shower quickie with this waterproof vibrator. Yes, the Limon might be the waterproof vibe of your dreams.

(And of course, medical-grade silicone, body-safe, and long-lasting).

The Rabbit vibrator

A double-whammy in the clitoral and g-spot stimulation department, this waterproof vibrator has all the goods to get you there. Multi-speed, with dual motors so it's able to give you external stimulation at a different speed than its vibrating dildo. But watch out for how loud both you and the vibe are while using it.

Cons: if you want something for couples' play, this is limiting for your partner as they don't get to provide clitoral stimulation or g-spot stimulation. It also can be difficult to handle the various speed settings while in the bath or a steamy shower.

Bullet vibe 

This one-trick waterproof sex toy pony will get you there. It's a clitoral vibrator that's discreet(ish), can be used with a remote control, and at a reasonable price.

Cons: We read some reviews that this bullet vibrator can be a little lacking those powerful vibrations you might need to orgasm.

We-Vibe Sync 

It's the star waterproof vibrator of couples' play in the bathtub. For dual stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot, while having sex, we suggest this fun sex toy. Multi-speed, it comes with a remote control that can be activated up to 3 meters away and provides very powerful vibrations.

Cons: If you're into having sex in the bath rather than in the shower, it can be difficult to manage We-Vibe and vaginal penetration in the bath. If you can pull this off, please tell us how because we can't figure it out!

Lovehoney's Womanizer X

This clitoral suction cup waterproof vibrator is one of the most exciting sex toys on the market today. Pretty discrete (could easily be some new facial device), this clitoral stimulator is likely similar to the sensation that a showerhead or bath spigot might give you as it tries to copy the sensation of oral sex. So...if you're looking for a sex toy specifically to use in warm water, this one might be a little redundant

Cons: We're anxious over the idea of suctioning an electric device to our clitoris and getting into the bath.