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The 41 Best Sex Toys of 2020 (so far!): A toy for every preference and desire

The 41 Best Sex Toys of 2020 (so far!): A toy for every preference and desire

The 41 Best Sex Toys of 2020 (so far!): A toy for every preference and desire

We break down some of the most exciting and innovative sex toys on the market today. 

Best clitoral vibrators

If your aim is an incredible orgasm during penetrative or solo-sex, a clitoral (wand) vibrator will be the best way for you to orgasm. 

Watch out for: Since clitoral vibrators are external, many of them don't have a lot of versatility in terms of potential positions how you can use them. You'll primarily find that clitoral vibrators were created with the expectation that you use them while lying on your back, but not on women masturbate in that position. So, you primarily masturbate on your side or stomach: look for vibrators that are squishy, with a soft body that allows them to conform to different shapes so you can use them any which way.

1. Minna Limon 

- Squishy + soft so you can use it any position

- Powerful motor 

– Discreet (lemon-shaped!)

– Easy to use, just squeeze and the Limon responds to your intensity

– Ergonomically designed for ease of use during penetrative sex

- Waterproof

- Body-safe materials + medical-grade silicone

- USB rechargeable

It's our own, so of course, we're hyping it up. We also offer a one-year warranty and free shipping in the US. 

2. Maude's Vibe

"The Everlane of Vibrators" low-key, low-cost, and pretty great.

3. The Hitachi Magic Wand on Lovehoney

A powerhouse of a jackhammer for your clit if you're looking to turn it up. Too expensive? There's always the knock-off Luna Wand, an Amazon best-seller, and very reasonably priced "personal Massager."

4. Lelo's Ora

Sex toy or expensive napkin ring? Either way, we want this in our house.

5. Fifty Shades' Bullet Rabbit Vibrator

Bad bunny. This bullet vibrator is only the ears section of the Rabbit vibrator. It's sleek and powerful. But definitely not discreet.

Dual vibrators (clitoral and g-spot stimulation)

Dual vibrators hit both your clitoris and g-spot (or prostate and perineum). If you decide to buy a double vibrator, make sure it is built with a dual-motor system so that the two stimulators can move at separate speeds and patterns since those areas often require different levels of intensity.

1. Rabbit vibrator

This version from Ella Paradis is decently-priced and covers everything you might need for a sensational, full-body orgasm.

2. Oxballs' Claw glove

Black-latex and self-described as perfect for double-penetration, this BDSM buddy could rock your world. Or give you nightmares.

3. Womanizer's Duo

Some people find the rabbit ears on the Rabbit vibrator to feel too frenetic against their clitoris. For those people, Duo might be a better option, as it comes with a denser, smoother clitoral vibe attached to a standard dildo.

4. Lelo's Soraya 2 Vibrator

Luxurious, like a gold-plated Rabbit vibrator. It is priced like one, too.

5. Lioness Vibrator

This product brands itself as: "the world's smartest vibrator for better orgasms." And we are entirely on board.

Best g-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are an interesting concept. Since many women can't orgasm from penetrative sex alone, which means that even if you get a g-spot vibrator, you may still need to warm yourself up with some clitoral foreplay. So, if you're not experienced in sex toys, or you don't have a specific use case for a g-spot only vibrator, we recommend going for either dual or clitoral vibrators (for now!). Though most g-spot vibrators can be used anywhere, so there's no issue if you do decide to buy a g-spot vibrator.

1. Je Joue G-Kii

Bendable so you can adjust it to hit your g-spot perfectly.

2. Shameless Flirt Thrusting Vibrator

This eager beaver can get up to 850 thrusts per minute. We're sweating just thinking about it.

3. Nymph Vibrator

It looks like a cute pink mini-Octopus, behaves like a big, bad Kraken.

4. Jopen's Starstruck Fling Vibrator

Wields a smooth, pointed silicone tip that 'flicks' to feel like a tongue.

5. Romp's Hype 

A colorful g-spot vibe that's ribbed in all the right places.

Best sex toys for couples

When it comes to couples' toys, options are as versatile as possible positions to use them in. We suggest thinking about what makes you feel the most phenomenal during sex and buying a toy to do precisely that. Also, make sure you talk about this with your partner. We have a handy guide of sex questions that you should be asking your partner and a few more guides on how to talk about bringing sex toys into the bedroom if you need some help.

1. Again, folks, we're going to pick our own Limon as number one since we designed it to be a powerful buddy in the bedroom during penetrative sex. And even when it's not being used during penetrative sex, the Limon's responsiveness, and versatile design make it an intimate toy in the bedroom, as it allows you to have a clear grasp on the sensations that you're giving to your partner.

Yes, this list is biased–but only for the top slot!

2. Dame Product's Fin

Innovative design lets you wear this finger vibrator like a ring, which makes it a smooth, natural-seeming way to achieve clitoral stimulation during sex without fumbling.

3. Unbound's Palma

Another cute finger vibrator, wear it in the bedroom or wear it to dinner with your parents–no one will know.

4. We-Vibe Sync

The future is here. We-Vibe's Sync is a vibrator designed to be wear during penetrative sex, as it stimulates both your g-spot and clitoris.

5. Lelo's Tor 2

A powerful vibrating cock ring that's simple to use (just put it on the penis), waterproof, and has six different speeds of vibration.

6. Dame Products' Eva ii

An adorable little vibe that you can fold under your labia for non-slip clitoral stimulation during sex.

7. Together Vibrating Dildo

This double-sided dildo mirrors the intensity of your partner. Bonus, it can be used solo.

Best dildos

These are classic, phallic-shaped sex toys (some vibrate, some don't). 

1. Ella Paradis' Clone A Willy

For the most novel option, we have to start with this at-home DIY dildo kit. It's goofy, it's silly, and it's kind of...sweet? We just found a new unorthodox date idea for Valentine's Day.

2. Fun Factory Share Double

A wearable double-sided dildo for anal and g-spot stimulation.

3. Pipedreams' King Cock

Vibrating, 10 inches, and incredibly life-like. This dildo sells itself on how close to reality it is, but if you ask us, a thick 10-inch vibrating cock is not really that realistic.

4. Babeland's Crystal wand dildo

You know, glass dildos aren't celebrated as much as they should be. We're going to start hyping them more often. Starting now–the design of this 'crystal wand' will let you reach a g-spot or prostate with ease. 

5. Le Wand Contour

Stainless steel and luxurious, this dildo is the perfect anniversary present.

6. The Cowgirl

A (vegan!) leather saddle with a rideable dildo attached. It costs $1,500. We badly want to meet someone who owns this.


Best butt plugs

Anal play can open up your relationship to a whole new realm of intimacy. Here are some of the best butt plugs if you're ready to explore new terrain:

1. Iconic Brands' The Silver Starter Heart Set

Whoever said that butt play was gross? These bejeweled and stainless steel plugs are fantastic starter sex toys.

2. Blush Novelties' Naughty Candy Heart

Another adorable butt plug. If walking around with a buttplug in that says, 'Be Mine,' doesn't make your partner swoon, we can't imagine what could.

3. B Vibe's Rimming Butt Plug

High-tech, high-quality silicone controlled via remote control. 

4. Unbound' Shimmy

Is there anything better in life than a 'medium-sized, smooth, vibrating butt plug'? Designed for mass appeal, this is a great starter plug if you're not into the gemstone look of some other brands. 

5. Hello Kitty Butt Plug

​Made from glass, the sequined Hello Kitty logo is removable for easy cleaning (phew).

Best suction vibrators

Suction vibrators are a relatively new trend in the sex toy game. They're designed to do exactly what it sounds like–suction onto your clitoris for external stimulation. Their vibration patterns aim to feel like oral sex, as they use airflow to control pressure on your clitoris.

If you're seriously considering a suction vibrator, we suggest you read Lioness' write-up on their experience with a suction vibrator–they measured their vaginal contractions during orgasm to understand more objectively about how suction vibes compare to your regular clitoral vibes. 

1. Satisfyer Pro

Back by 11 vibration modes and a slew of positive reviews. They promise it'll feel like being licked, only more intensely.

2. Lelo's Sona

They call their suction feature, 'cruise control.' We call it "buy now."

3. Unbound's Puff

Not on the market yet, but knowing Unbound, we're sure they hit it out of the park with this cutie of a vibe.

4. We-Vibe's Romp Switch

Markets itself as, "Recommended for women who find conventional vibrators to be 'too much.'"


Best men's sex toys and vibrators

Why should vaginas get all the fun? Brands like Tenga are making innovative products to help penises and those who wield them masturbate better. Here's a breakdown of some of the products on the market today:

1. Tenga's Vacuum Cup

Maybe not a winner in the 'best names' category, but a winner in innovation. Tenga's Vacuum Cup uses 'aerostimulation' (similar technology to suction vibrators) to get men off. For some reason, we can't stop thinking about the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie and his grandpa are stuck in the tube and have to burp their way out.

2. Tenga's Egg

With a slightly better, or at least non-threatening name than their Vacuum Cup, Tenga's Egg is kind of like a disposable fleshlight, designed for only one use.

3. MysteryVibe's Smart Vibrator

This bendable buddy can do it all. Perineum, anal, clitoris, g-spot–it can cover any position. It also comes with an app so that your partner can remotely control the sensations that you're feeling.

4. Hot Octopuss

This thing looks like it could be a Bond villain.

5. Man Wand

It's as if a man saw a woman using a wand vibrator– thought, "I want that," and produced the quickest version he could think of for men.

6. Snug and Tug Ring and Plug

Now, this is innovation. Like a pleasure-laden Chinese finger trap, the plug increases its pressure on a man's prostate and perineum as their erection grows.